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  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: September 2010

    Passing of a Kiteflier – Margo Brown We were saddened to hear of Margo’s passing in an email we received this week. She will be missed by the many friends she made through kiting and remembered for her dedication to the sport – giving back to the kiting community in a variety of leadership roles with professionalism, commitment, and tireless energy. Our deepest sympathy goes out to her husband Bev …

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: August 2010

    The Russian Articles  

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: July 2010

    Few Kites Flew Higher Than Eubel-san… Our world has lost one of its giants. Dr. Paul Eubel passed from our presence on June 23rd. He was in his home with his wife and two sons, doing what he did best, working on the next Art Kite exhibition. Please read our remembrance of Dr. Eubel here on the Drachen Foundation website. Scott Skinner Board President Drachen Foundation

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: May 2010

    Correction To our valued Drachen readership, There are times at our small-staffed foundation when we miss things in process. This is the case with the wonderful article on Japanese kites which was published in our last issue of Discourse. The error was ours, and we apologize to Mr. Eishin Iddittie, the author of the Japanese kite article, thus correcting our mistake of crediting it to Mr. Masaaki …

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: April 2010

    Come "Interact" with Us In keeping with the Drachen spirit – moving faster than wind – we discovered that many of our projects and experiences with kites were real time. To share this, we have developed several new features on our website.

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: March 2010

    Alas Sobre un Mundo Flotante: Papalotes y Grabado Japones (Above the Floating World: Japanese Kites and Prints) Master Mexican artist Francisco Toledo’s kite 

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: December 2009

    Celebrating Gloria Stuart: Photo Essay

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: October 2009

    Kites in all Forms and Colors Fly in the Gota de Plata Pachuca, Mexico To help celebrate the annual festival of San Francisco in the city of Pachuca Mexico (two hours north of Mexico City), the inauguration of this phenomenal exhibition of 319 art kites was opened by Scott Skinner of Drachen and the mayor of Pachuca.

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: June 2009

    Margaret Greger’s Whirlwind of Kites What makes someone memorable in kiting? It’s how they filled the skies, and in the case of Margaret Greger, she did just that.

  • Drachen Foundation Newsletter: April 2009

     The Everlasting Spirit of Kiting Shakib Gunn, Singapore Our international kite community has lost a great friend, Shakib Gunn of Singapore.