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Drachen Foundation Newsletter: January 2012

Happy New Year! We typically don’t send e-newsletters so frequently, but we had to share these two great kiting videos which will help you weather the cold and start 2012 with a BANG! We also wanted to remind you to register your kiting event(s) for National Kite Month. The AKA is offering all sorts of fun prizes; see below for more information.

The Magic of Night Flight

Bruce Flora has been in the forefront of kite entertainment for decades. He celebrates his skills and excitement with a wonderful choreography of night flying. Watch the video here.

Flying a Kite While Flying

After the invention of the Rev kite, we thought it had all been done…four line flying, upside down, sideways, stopping on a dime and stalling? How can you best those moves? See the father of the Rev prove how much more can be done. Watch the video here.

Register Your Event for National Kite Month

National Kite Month

The American Kite Fliers Association (AKA) and the Kite Trade Association International (KTAI) are sponsoring a special promotion during National Kite Month (NKM), March 31 through May 6, 2012. Register your kiting event(s) for a chance to win prizes! In addition, the Drachen Foundation is offering our Trépanier Trapezoid Kite Kit for a 20% discount to support club kite building activities during NKM. Learn more and see details here.

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