Drachen Foundation Newsletter: December 2011

Read the New Issue of Discourse!

This is an interesting issue of Discourse because most of the issue came to us from Australia and New Zealand. Two articles take us deep into the kite-buggy world and have something familiar in common: passion. Follow Charlie Watson as he spends two weeks with old friends – some people, some kites! – following his buggy passion. Then follow the Thuillier brothers as they go farafield and buggy the Brazilian coast.

Read the latest issue of Discourse: From the End of the Line.

Living Life Like Liz

The magic of the Checkley family touched many in the kiting world. Beginning with Dave and Dorothea and ending with their daughter Liz, the Checkley’s embraced the kiting community, sharing their love of kiting and making friends throughout the world. We will miss them all. 

Read more about Liz, as she is remembered by Scott Skinner and Kathy Goodwind.

National Kite Month is Coming!

April is National Kite Month! Organize a kiting event for your community – learn more at www.nationalkitemonth.org.

New Drachen Website Works! Read How it is Being Used in KiteLife Magazine

"After 17 years of collecting, studying, documenting, digitizing and finally redesigning a massive website that could not only hold the DF collection, but also the world’s kite collections, I am delighted to share these examples of how the new website is working!"

Read Scott Skinner’s Kitelife article to hear how kite mysteries are being solved, connections are being made and our website is reaching the "caves" in Argentina!

Oregon Kitemakers Retreat:
Post & Share Training


Learn more about our new website and how to make it work for you! We will have a computer to demonstrate and teach you how to upload your own kite items to our website. Bring 5 photos of kites or items related to kites on a media stick or disk, and we’ll Post and Share them with the world via our website! Participants will receive a gift from Drachen. 

Learn more about the Oregon Kitemakers Retreat and Register.

Happy Holidays from Drachen Foundation!

It was an exciting year at Drachen, and we are so thankful to have had your support. Best wishes and good winds in 2012!

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