Location: Uchinada, Japan
From: May 3, 2001
To: May 3, 2001

The Drachen Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the fourth annual Miniature Kite Contest held at the Uchinada Kite Festival in Uchinada, Japan, May 2001.

In the past 3 years, contestants from Japan, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States participated. For three consecutive years, the world’s smallest kite was made by Nobuhiko Yoshizumi, of Kyoto, Japan. Yoshizumi-san and his fellow kite-makers in Kyoto were great contenders in this contest, as they faced miniature kitemakers from around the world.

The Rules for Entry were:

  • Kites must be made by the entrant
  • Participants may enter only 3 kites
  • Kites may be made of any material
  • Kites must be able to be flown by hand
  • Kites must maintain a minimum 15-degree positive angle of flight for consideration as a category finalist
  • Kites will be rewarded for their size, aesthetics, and flight performance
  • Flying instructions must be included with entries

Results courtesy Glenn Davidson
Entries: 44 kites – 11 Japanese, 1 Indian & 6 Americans
Judges: Scott Skinner- President of Drachen Foundation, Mr. Takagi- Uchinada City board of Education, Mr. Kitamoto – Ishikawa Television, Mr. Kenji Nomura – President of Uchinada Kite club, Mr. Modegi Masaaki – President of Japan Kite Association, Mr. Nobuhiko Yoshizumi – 3 times World Champion


Kite Not Pictured:

Best Craftsmanship
Masaaki Sato
Nagoya, Japan Koryu Abu 10.5x 9.5cm

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