Location: Seattle, Washington
From: September 28, 2006
To: September 30, 2006

The Drachen Foundation, a Seattle, WA-based educational non-profit, has been documenting recent developments in kite traction – kite sailing in particular. The Foundation organizes and implements innovative educational projects using kites as the focal point, and is particularly intrigued by developments in kite sailing.

The Drachen Foundation and The Center for Wooden Boats of Seattle, WA will hold an open-to-the-public symposium in Seattle to exchange ideas about the current state of the art of kite sailing. Among those now confirmed are experts Peter Lynn of New Zealand and Dave Culp and Don Montague of Hawaii, USA, who will discuss their personal contributions to the sport–from Peter Lynn’s development of the Kite Cat® (a personal kite sailboat), to Culp’s Outleader ® kite sail for use on competitive sail boats, to Montague’s use of kite sails for adventure-sailing in the Hawaiian islands. Discussions will focus on lessons learned, safety and functionality, and current trends.

These three innovators have followed very different paths in their kite sailing development. Peter Lynn has been driven by the notion that a personal kite sailboat displaying greater control, speed, and maneuverability will lead to bigger and better boats and kite systems. Dave Culp, on the other hand, has shown that a lower-tech kite, married to any sailboat, will offer higher performance and more sailing enjoyment. Montague has harnessed the power of kites to ocean canoes and has targeted the thrill-seeker and environmental tourist. Drachen Foundation scientific kite experts Joe Hadzicki and Dave Lang will moderate a group discussion probing kite/sail design, hull design, market potential, and a variety of other timely issues.

This symposium is located on the water at The Center for Wooden Boats, an interactive museum where small craft heritage is enjoyed, preserved, and passed along to future generations. Please see www.cwb.org.

It is clear that the time for kite sails is now, and the Drachen Foundation hopes that this symposium will draw an audience of serious (and casual) sailors, boat designers, and individuals open to innovative solutions to their sailing problems.


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