Location: Seattle, Washington
From: September 29, 2005
To: September 29, 2005

The Drachen Foundation arranged a workshop at the Islamic School of Seattle to test adaptations helpful for making and flying the Trepanier Trapezoid with very young children, ages four and five. Students used easily graspable stamps, and pads with several colors of ink, for decorating their kite sails. This shortcut got the design process underway quickly and soothed any anxieties ("What should I draw?"). Eager indoor fliers soon migrated outdoors, where light wind got most kites into the air. DF conclusion: yes, the Trep Trap can be built and flown with very young students, as long as there are many adult hands to help with positioning spars, taping tails, and advising on winder management.

Founded in 1980, the Islamic School of Seattle serves preschool through middle-school-age students in bi-lingual (English/Arabic) classrooms. Its students come from Asia, North and East Africa, the Middle East, and the USA. Among its goals is "to nurture learning from an Islamic world view and with a global perspective."

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