Although we do not have lesson plans for high school grade levels, we make the following suggestions for kite kits and related subject matter for teachers or organizations that have the desire to use kites with high school age groups and above. Search our website for related articles, newsletters, images, culture, and country information to develop your own lesson plans.

Kite Kit: Bell Tetra
Learning Focus: History, Art, and Math.

Kite Kit: Phantom Star 48” TyvekTM Rokkaku

Learning Focus: Japanese rokkaku art, culture and sport. Build the kites in teams of 2-3 and battle each other in a fighter kite contest!

Kite Kit: Yoshizumi Two-in-One(s) Rokkaku/Sode or the Suruga/Buka
Learning Focus: Traditional Japanese materials and kite design, art and culture.

Kite Kit: Tyvek Conyne (USA historical kite)

Learning Focus: This kite is a wonderful lifter. Try lifting objects or a camera. Kite aerial photography (KAP), science, and history. This kite will be available online soon. Please check back.

Kite Kit: Yoshizumi Fighter Kite (Indian Style)
Learning Focus: Culture, art, and sports.