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Afghanistan 4

Known for its large fighting kites, Afghanistan has a long kite history. The kites probably arrived via trade routes from India and are made in much the same form as the Indian patang, but much larger (almost 1M x 1M) due to the predominately light, mountain winds.

The kite culture of Afghanistan is well described in the bestselling novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini.


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1992 JKA Japan Kite Tour

Aomori Japan Kite Festival, Don and Ron Collado (twins, Hawaii) and Modegi of the Japanese Kite Association.

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1992 JKA Japan Kite Tour

A photo of miniature kite maker Charlie Sotich of Chicago (now deceased) at a kite dinner at the Aomori Japan Kite Festival

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1992 JKA Japan Kite Tour

Invited guests of the Japan Kite Foundation included Americans, Left to right, Modegi, Elmer Wharton, (Illinois) Don and Ron Collado (twins, Hawaii) and Charlie Sotich (Illinois)

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Green Sport Kite

German Delta 2 - Line Sport Kite, manufactured

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Koi Sport Kite

Joel Scholz's Delta 2 - Line Sport kite features a large Koi fish in pink, purple body with yellow head

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Wilhelm Mueller

A biography on Wilhelm Mueller in the website of the German HIstory for Nature and Folkart of East Asia.

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Ukiyo-e art kite

Japanese Samurai Oban made into a small Edo kite. Featuring a lone samurai taking on a group of archers, with broken arrows at his feet. (10) bamboo sticks

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Green and Blue fighter Kite

Green Hata style fighter kite with a blue tip, created by Scott Skinner (1) fiberglass spar

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