/The Kites of Kyushu

The Kites of Kyushu



Like all kites from Japan, those from Japan’s southern island of Kyushu represent a variety of kite-making traditions. Although the different forms and functions of specific kites may vary, what remains consistent is the artistry with which they are crafted.

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Kyushu1.jpgKyushu2.jpgKyushu3.jpgKyushu4.jpgKyushu5.jpgKyushu6.jpgKyushu7.jpgKyushu8.jpgKyushu9.jpgKyushu10.jpgKyushu11.jpgKyushu12.jpgKyushu13.jpgKyushu14.jpgKyushu15.jpgKyushu16.jpgKyushu17.jpgKyushu18.jpgKyushu19.jpgKyushu20.jpg Kyushu21.jpg Kyushu22.jpg

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