In celebration of the centennial of flight, this exhibit chronicles the kites and their inventors as they move toward the goal of man powered flight. From early pioneers in Europe and the United States, we celebrate the final achievement of taking to the air with the Wright Brothers and their first flight at Kitty Hawk.

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KittyHawk1.jpg KittyHawk21.jpg KittyHawk20.jpg KittyHawk19.jpg KittyHawk18.jpg KittyHawk17.jpg KittyHawk16.jpg KittyHawk15.jpg KittyHawk14.jpg KittyHawk13.jpg KittyHawk12.jpg KittyHawk11.jpg KittyHawk10.jpg KittyHawk9.jpg KittyHawk8.jpg KittyHawk7.jpg KittyHawk6.jpg KittyHawk5.jpg KittyHawk4.jpg KittyHawk3.jpg KittyHawk2.jpg