The Stehekin Kite Project is a community eco-art installation, the purpose of which is to encourage the emergence of relationships between people and the natural world through collaboration with natural phenomena via the art process. The Stehekin Kite Project will be facilitated by Art Therapy graduate student Heather Biermann, is sponsored by Antioch University Seattle, and will take place in Stehekin, Washington from May 5-11, 2012.

Residents of Stehekin and visitors to the Stehekin area will work together to build personalized kites which will be flown en masse from the head of Lake Chelan. Spectators will be invited to participate by taking photos or creating art utilizing provided materials. An exhibition in the Golden West Gallery at the North Cascades National Park visitors’ center will open on May 11 and feature kites from the installation and spectator response art. The project will also support an online community. Use this website to access the Stehekin Kite Project blog, to learn about ways you can participate, and to donate to the project by clicking here. Visit the links page to obtain contact information for sponsors and contributors to the project, as well as additional links, references, and further reading.