Seattle Asian Art Museum “Fly Away”

Fly Away

Explore scenes of nature in the artworks at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, then step outside and create your own kite to fly in Volunteer Park.  

Admission to the Seattle Asian Art Museum is free on the first Saturday of each month for families.

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Jefferson Park Jubilee

Join us for a day of music, art, food and fun to mark the 100-year anniversary of the 1912 Seattle Parks Plan by John C. Olmsted. The celebration begins with Taiko and Bon Odori performances that precede a dedication ceremony at noon. Following the ceremony you’ll find a delightful offering of activities, food, demonstrations, and performances for people of all ages that reflect the park’s cultural history and surrounding communities.

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Raupp Museum Kite Exhibit

Free summer programs at the Raupp Museum!

The Raupp Museum will be offering free programs every Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning from June 12 - August 14. information, call the museum at (847) 459-2318 or email the museum coordinator at dfandrei@bgparks.org.

Open thru August 10

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Family Festival at Seattle Art Museum (Olympic Sculpture Park location)

SAM family festivals are designed for families with children 12 and under.  These events have a BIG focus on celebrating cultural diversity in all of its forms!  Earth Day for Kids puts a special emphasis on fun and pratical ways we can care for our environment.  SAM Family Festivals are filled with art-making, music, games, family art tours and more! FREE

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Stehekin Kite Project

The Stehekin Kite Project is a community eco-art installation, the purpose of which is to encourage the emergence of relationships between people and the natural world through collaboration with natural phenomena via the art process. The Stehekin Kite Project will be facilitated by Art Therapy graduate student Heather Biermann, is sponsored by Antioch University Seattle, and will take place in Stehekin, Washington from May 5-11, 2012.

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Sky on a String Exhibit

At The Museum of Outdoor Arts  Englewood, Colorado

Maybe kites are the prime form of artwork for the outdoors. Some can be as large as billboards offering some prime space for shouting whatever message the flyer wishes the world to know. Kite making is an art and craft available to all as almost a folk art form throughout the world's cultures. We like to think of kites as a celebrationist form of expression...

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Junction Kite Makers Retreat 2012

Junction Kite Retreat (JKR) was originally founded and organised by Bill Lockhart and Betty Street. JKR is held at the Texas Tech Extention Campus in Junction, Texas (2 miles south of town), which is located at the intersection of Hwy 83 and I-10, just 2 miles south of the town of Junction.
The Junction Kite Makers' Retreat will include activities, such as: free-fly time, a huge grass kite field, and numerous class sessions about kite building and art related kite projects, as well subjects related to any thing that flys, such as boomerangs.

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South Jordan International Kite Festival

Mokuhanga Kites:  Traditional Japanese Print and Kitemaking meets Contemporary American artists, an exhibition developed by the Drachen Foundation.  All kites are for sale.

Check back soon for more details.

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Asian Kitemaking Festival

Mokuhanga Kites:  Traditional Japanese Print and Kitemaking meets Contemporary American artists, an exhibition developed by the Drachen Foundation. All kites are for sale.

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