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Artist or Author: Scientific American

Creation Year: 1892


This article was published in 1892 in Scientific American about the controversy surrounding artificially rain making experiments conducted in Midland, Texas, which were funded by the United States government. Similar experimentshappen today, now known as 'cloud seeding'.

Here is an excerpt from the article: "Nearly all the accounts of the recent rain making experiments in Texas appear to have emanated from, or to have been inspired by, persons who took part in the performances. These reports were, in most instances, grossly exaggereted, and, in some cases, wholly destitute of truth. It is refreshing, therefore, to find a published account which bears evidence of independence in its statements and freedom from the control of interested persons. It is understood that an attempt will be made to induce the present Congress to apropriate more money to carry out another series of these foolish fireworks. For the enlightenment of our law-givers and the entertainment of readers, we give the following illustrated account, for which we are indebted to the Texas Farm and Ranch. Did any of the metropolitan papers, excepting Texas Farm and Ranch, of Dallas, and Farm Implement News, of Chicago, send a special reporter to the scene of Gen. Dyrenforth's rain making experiments near Midland? This question is asked because numerous papers throughout Texas are circulating reports of these experiments which are directly opposite in the facts as given by Texas Farm and Ranch and the Farm Implement News. These so-called experiments were made under the supervision of the govenment and paid for by the people, and the people are entitled to reliable information regarding them. In order to settle the matter, Texas Farm and Ranch will pay one hundred dollars reward for proof that the reports published by it and the Farm Implement News were not true in every essential statment, and more accurate and complete than those published in any other paper in or out of Texas, excepting the local papers in the territory surrounding this expensive farce. Texas Farm and Ranch aims at reliability, and its readers will sustain its reputation in this regard. It could have no possible reason for misrepresenting the rain makers. Its representative was treated in the most gentlemanly manner by Gen. Dyrenforth and the other gentlemen of the party, as well as by Mr. Reynolds, manager of the ranch. He is especially indebted to Prof. Rosell for much information releating to the work of the party, and for theories and opinions on the subject of artificial rain making."

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