October 8, 2012

Collection Name: Other

Collection Number: 2862

Post Type: Kite Object or Accessory

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Artist or Author: Unknown

Creation Year:

Height: 5 feet


This is a distinctive baramon kite of Goto Retto, the Japanese islands closest to China — an illustration of c. 1820 version can be found on page 15 of 'Japanese Kite Prints' by John Stevenson. The kite pictured here measured around 5 feet high.

It was in the house of new-found friends in Ukushima, the northernmost island in Goto Retto, the Japanese islands closest to China. It is a very beautiful kite.

The kite owner is also the owner of a beloved izakaya in Fukuoka who comes from Ukushima. The restaurant is named after his fishing boat, Shin E Maru. However, the island is getting fished out.

This kite was submitted by John Stevenson.

Geographic: Japan

Kite Type: Figure, Flat

Materials: Bamboo, Paper

Significance: Art, Cultural, Historical

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