Want to know what was happening 34 years ago in the world of kiting? This 1976 calendar is a charming and informative peek to kiting’s past, marking national and international festivals, the birthdays of kite notables like Wilbur Wright, and ever-important days like The First Day of Spring.

Cover Photo (click image for larger version)

April 1976 (click image for larger version)

The photographs chosen for each month capture a broad spectrum of the spirit of kiting – from a profile of Paul Garber at age 76, to a picture of children helping fly an exquisite Jalbert parafoil – each one gives us a little inspiration to keep preserving the history of this great pastime.

"Dr. Curtis Marshall hauls in his giant Jalbert parafoil with the aid of sons Gray and Andy and friends. Trees or cars are used as anchors, and sometimes fliers get a physical (and psychological) lift. Photo by Anneke Davis." (click image for larger version)

Can you recognize anyone in this photograph? First person to name three of the people shown wins a DF Logo Patch and your name here! Contest now over. Contest winner: Gary Hinze! (click image for larger version)

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Copyright 1975, Compiled by Valerie Govig for the Maryland Kite Society Gift of Ron and Marla Miller, March 2010