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  1. 3840636466_3675ed6209.jpg
    Basir Beria

    A transplanted Afghan living in Los Angeles, California, Basir continues the kite traditions of Afghanistan. His large fighting kites are adorned with Basir’s own artwork, …

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  2. balsleyB-a140.jpg
    Ben Balsley

    University of Colorado researcher who used kites in the mid-1990s to sample atmospheric phenomenon. Balsley employed a wing-shaped ferry (apparatus which uses the kite’s line to …

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  3. D'Antonio_Ben.JPG
    Ben D’Antonio

    Ben has traveled the kite world promoting the Revolution four-line kite. Just over twenty years old, the Rev is flown worldwide and is the standard …

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  4. BenRuhe.jpg
    Ben Ruhe

    A powerhouse professional journalist and editor of Drachen’s beloved Kite Journal, Ruhe has reported on the best and brightest of his time. His travels teach …

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  5. bf_kite.jpg
    Benjamin Franklin

    Perhaps the most remembered American kite flyer, Franklin proved that lightning was so-called “electrical matter” in his 1752 kite experiment. Despite recent skepticism to the …

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  6. L1040973.JPG
    Betty Street

    Texas Tech art professor and expert in fabric design, Street created spectacular patchwork kites, many paying homage to her West Texas heritage. She and fellow …

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  7. Quinn IMG_0171.jpg
    Bill Bigge

    Most famous for his glider kite that flies backward as well as forward, thus allowing zero-wind flight indoors or outdoors. An accomplished modeler, he is …

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  8. bill 5.JPG
    Bill Lockhart

    Retired art professor from Texas Tech University, bill and colleague Betty Street organized the Junction, TX International Kite Retreat for ten years. Coming to kites …

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  9. Ochse, Bill.jpg
    Bill Osche

    Longtime owner of the Kite Loft in Ocean City, MD, Bill has been a supporter of the American Kitefliers Association, of kite festivals up and …

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  10. Childs_Bob.jpg
    Bob Childs

    An active sport kite flier, competitor, and designer, Bob was one of the first to fly sport kites indoors. He was an early practitioner of …

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