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  1. moimeme_mini.jpg
    Andreas Agren

    Andreas Agren, a long time kite enthusiast of Sweden, has made his mark in the world of kiting as a winner of miniature kite contests. …

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  2. angelawu.jpg
    Angela Wu

    Energetic promoter Wu was thrust upon the world kiting scene when she suggested a festival in Taipei and, without knowing what she was in for, …

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  3. ankekisa.jpg
    Anke and Kisa Sauer

    The Sauer sisters take very different but extremely effective approaches to their kite making. Anke has invented a collapsible cellular kite – perhaps a true …

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  4. annarubin.jpg
    Anna Rubin

    Austrian artist Rubin has helped to launch a renaissance of artistic kite making. She is a fearless builder of amazing shapes, but retains a delicate …

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  5. 21-FBU2_005_A5Q_16_40_w_1_P0160P0160.jpg
    Anton Bodoczky

    Son of Hungary’s kite artist Istvan Bodoczky, Anton has distinguished himself as a top-flight kite maker. He has trained in fine arts as well as …

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  6. IMG017.jpg
    Art Ross

    For years, Canadian born Art Ross has produced spectacular, very large parafoils. His kites are characterized by their steady flight and lifting capabilities and are …

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  7. badenbadenpowell.jpg
    B.F.S. Baden Powell

    An experimenter with man-lifting with kites in the 1890s he proposed a kite man-lifting system for observation to the British military. Baden Powell also invented …

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  8. jodhpur49b.jpg
    Babu Khan

    The highly regarded Indian kite maker of Jaipur, Rahjastan, India. Babu Khan is noted for his intricate patang (fighter kite), some with paper appliqué technique, …

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  9. meyer.jpg
    Barbara Meyer

    Barbara has been a longtime, active member of the American Kitefliers Association and has served as the organization’s president. She is an accomplished kite maker, …

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  10. Baz_working_thumb.jpg
    Barry Poulter

    Longtime kite artist and kite flying enthusiast Poulter has progressed from making his own signature works to producing custom sails for Revolution four-line kites. He …

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