Learning the intricacies of the parafoil at the knee of Mayor of the Green, George Hamm, Ed and wife Bonnie soon refined a parafoil design for the strong, steady winds commonly found on European beaches. Collaborating with Reza Ragheb and others, Ed and Bonnie made hundreds of 50 sq. ft. foils. Together, they showed that the foil could even be made in miniature; 1 sq. ft.


Ed Wright:

Born:  4/28/1944, Glasgow, Montana, USA, High School:  KAU High School, Hawaii, 1962, University of Hawaii, 1975, BBA, profession, computer analyst for the Internal Revenue Service, United States. Made parafoils, he would do the bridling, his wife Bonnie did the sewing.

Festivals:  1986:  Black Ships, Newport, RI, AKA, Newport, RI, 1987:  AKA, Washington, DC,

1988:  AKA, Chicago, IL, 1989:  AKA  Honolulu, Hawaii, 1990, AKA Seaside, Oregon, 1991, AKA Jacksonville, Florida, 1989, 1990, 1991, Berkeley Kite Festival, Berkeley, California, 1987, 1988 Long Beach Kite Festival, Long Beach, Washington, 1991, Junction Kite Retreat, Junction, Texas.

Bonnie Wright:

Born 12/7/1945, Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, USA

Diplomas:   Littleton HIgh School, Littleton, Colorado and Colorado Women’s College, Colorado, USA

Profession:  Management Analyst for the United States Federal Government

Festivals:  Same as Ed

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