Andre Cassagne raised the bar in box-kite construction when he developed plastic connectors that could be used to make tetrahedrons, flying rings, and any variation of cellular kites. Retired from a career in the toy industry, Andre had access to professionals adept at producing the numerous distinct pieces required for specialty kites. The cellular creations could now be easily assembled and disassembled for travel to exhibitions, festivals, or club gatherings.

Cassagne used his technology to produce “perpetual motion ferries”, ie. kite ferries, (an apparatus that use the kite’s line to move up and down), that would automatically climb the line, collapse, slide down the line, reopen, and reclimb the line. His modular, cellular approach has been used by other notable kite makers: Peter Malinski and Til Krapp of Germany, Michel Gressier of France, and Pete Dolphin of the USA.

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