Authors: Ali Fujino
Date Submitted: July 31, 2016
Article Type: Discourse

In the spirit of supporting a new art gallery venture in the town of Tieton, Washington, the Drachen Foundation became very excited about the idea of putting together the first contemporary art kite exhibit to raise funds for the Highland Food Bank.

Boxx Gallery is owned by Michele Wyland, a Yakima, Washington entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been instrumental in supporting the small community. The idea was simple. Take their small corner shop, renovate the inside to become a contemporary art gallery, and solicit artists to sell their works and donate 30% to the Highland Food Bank! A number of local artists have volunteered hundreds of hours to build the new place. The shows have featured local artists working in all types of media including photography, ceramics, prints, paintings, metal arts, and jewelry.

Karen Quint designed Boxx to be an empty but welcome space to be used by the community, and there are plenty of ideas on the table. “At the moment, there are proposals for a show of handmade boxes, poetry readings, an artist-made kite exhibit with children’s activities, and the annual art exhibit of all the neighboring schools,” she said.

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