Authors: Ali Fujino
Date Submitted: July 31, 2015
Article Type: Discourse

In over 25 years of kiting, I have had many opportunities to write about kite personalities as part of my job for the Drachen Foundation. With each opportunity, I have been both charmed and bemused, as I have learned so much more about individuals I thought I already knew.

Such was the case in May, when I drove 45 minutes south from Seattle to visit with Ron and Marla Miller at their home in Tacoma. I have known Marla and Ron Miller for decades. Through these decades, we have bumped into each other at a number of kite events, and after each encounter I have always thought, “My goodness, that was great, we should spend more time together.” But our busy lives have always kept us at least 45 minutes apart.

I have always known them to be the best of volunteers, never hesitating to assist others, and in the process also taking on some of the most unglamorous of jobs.

Page Number: 13
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