Authors: Tal Streeter
Date Submitted: November 30, 2003
Article Type: Journal

In the sky. Among the clouds. A kite at rest, still. A child’s kite.

On it’s back, a child.

A kite at rest, still. Something even our fine-feathered friends are incapable of achieving, this child’s kite in the sky with its passenger, unmoving. A point of stillness in the vast heavens.

Only a slight breath-like ripple on its skin——the wind’s breathing holding the kite aloft. This kite, any kite……This kite with a child’s hand holding its long line of string stretching back down to earth. The child perched there riding on the kite’s back wide-eyed with the fabulously new perspective of earth, the earth embraced in a child’s mind. Astride a kite, kite and child, a still point in the sky.

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