Authors: Ben Ruhe
Date Submitted: November 30, 2003
Article Type: Journal

Connoisseurs agree Anke Sauer’s “Jack-in-the-box” foldup kite is one of the most exciting new kites of the last few years, but as to its generic category there is no consensus as yet.

For those who have not seen the creation—–Anke had made just 13 of them by early summer 2003——–it’s easy enough to describe. Anke, from near Aachen, Germany, takes stiff paper, bends the paper into either a four- or six-sided pyramid with bases facing outward at the bottom of each side, glues the bases together until a rectangle of pyramids is formed, attaches bridle lines to the tip of each pyramid, and voila—–she has herself a kite ready to fly.

She calls it “Jack-in-the-box” because the kite folds up on itself, accordion-style, and can be carried in a small box. Anke Sauer