Authors: Joe Hadzicki
Date Submitted: November 30, 2016
Article Type: Discourse

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was my favorite book growing up. Captain Nemo, armed with his knowledge of science, created his own world. By creating his incredible underwater machine, the Nautilus submarine, he could control the basic elements of nature and embark on his adventure taking him “20,000 leagues under the sea.”

In a sense, we have our own Captain Nemo with us today and his name is Magnus Landberg. To my great pleasure, Magnus adds one more element to the adventure by incorporating kites into the equation. And not stopping at just one kite, Magnus envisions a whole fleet of kite devices – or flying wings –that in a broad sense travel “20,000 leagues through the sea” (as it is a distance rather than depth), creating energy every league of the way. And though in the novel the Nautilus travels the seven seas, Magnus Landberg’s energy creating device, called Deep Green, is currently being tested off the coast of Northern Ireland.

The Deep Green technology was invented by Magnus Landberg in 2001. Magnus, who worked at the Swedish aircraft manufacturer Saab, was a project manager studying long carbon blades for large wind turbines. After analyzing the size and weight needed for wind power, Magnus began exploring the power-to-weight gains possible by using water currents versus wind currents.

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