Although digital technology and access is changing the use of our written world, we were proud to start our communication through the Journal. This wonderful “printed” blog approach came mostly from the editorial direction and pen of Scott Skinner, Ali Fujino, and our man in the field, Ben Ruhe. From years of Journal publications, we changed the format to be not a few individuals' view but to have individuals of the kite community use their own words to bring forth something innovative and exciting about the world of kites. Enter the current edited version of Discourse by Katie Davis, Scott Skinner, and Ali Fujino. Below are archived articles from both the Journal and Discourse.

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  1. Our Friend Corey Jensen

    It’s always hard to say goodbye to a close friend as they complete life’s journey and pass on. For our friend Corey Jensen we find ourselves confronting a huge void upon his passing. He was a man of such personality, warmth, kindness, and compassion, that to define his effects on our lives is quite overwhelming. As time goes by, we’ll all carry special traits, trinkets, and memories given to us by “the Corey Lama.”

  2. Kite Puppets

    Why look up in the sky at a fixed small black dot? Kitefliers have a strong will to have their own kite in the sky. But when there is an audience, then the situation is different. People are enthusiastic when I perform shows for them. They thank me for being “the only one” thinking about them. I am 81 and would like some kitefliers to continue the development. So here are the facts so far. I started around 1982 with the “Skypet Show,” but I did not continue it. The steerable deltas had different characters and moved differently. 1. The …

  3. Kites Connect

    The Drachen Foundation encouraged us to share how University Child Development School (UCDS) used kites in our Art, Design & Technology, and Science classrooms. We reflected on how kites connected ideas and concepts across the school curriculum.

  4. Standing Room Only

    It was standing room only. Surrounded by kites from artists around the world, the crowd filled the seats of The Studio@620 in St. Petersburg, Florida to hear artist Enrique Cay speak of his art and experience with the giant kites of Guatemala. His paintings depict the experience of kiting in Guatemalan culture. With the help of an interpreter, Enrique was able to explain kiting’s connection to the Day of the Dead celebration and its reflection in his art.

  5. From the Back Shelf: Seeing Stars

    I did an Internet search for Clawson Machine Co. – don’t ask why, you’ll see that I had my reasons – and found a number of interesting patents from the late 1800s: a coin-controlled, musical weighing machine (US381338, 1888), a coin-controlled air-pump-operating mechanism (US619279, 1899), and the one that has appeared to keep the company in business, the “machine for shaving ice” (US387861, 1888). Established in 1883, Clawson Machine Co.

  6. Captain Nemo Meets Kites

    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was my favorite book growing up. Captain Nemo, armed with his knowledge of science, created his own world. By creating his incredible underwater machine, the Nautilus submarine, he could control the basic elements of nature and embark on his adventure taking him “20,000 leagues under the sea.”

  7. From the Forgotten Bookshelf: Otto Piene’s More Sky

    I don’t know how this understated paperback found its way to my bookshelf. I’ve walked into some great bookstores in every part of the country, including Powell’s in Portland, Tattered Cover in Denver, and Ken Sander’s Rare Books in Salt Lake City, to name a few. My memory is fuzzy, but More Sky might have been a Ken Sanders purchase, and I’m surprised and impressed every time I take it off the shelf and leaf through its pages.

  8. Kites of Hope: A Soaring Tale of Hope

    In Pakistan, the coming of spring is often marked by an army of kites that take over the clear blue skies. Traditionally referred to as Basant, this cultural festival is celebrated in the walled city of Lahore, where colorful kites take flight in the skies and kite flying gathers a frenzied momentum. Families, dressed in bright colors, gather on the rooftops to witness the kites dive and rise in a series of swoops and swirls.

  9. Cervia Kite Festival 2016

    Photographs by Jose Sainz Every spring since 1981, kite fliers from around the world have met in Cervia, Italy. 200 invited artists from 30 countries join thousand of participants for 10 days of kite flying on the beach. Here, Curtis Mitchel (U.S.) stands amid Pauline Taylor’s (England) golden banner forest with a guiding hand.

  10. Unboxxed at the New Boxx Gallery

    In the spirit of supporting a new art gallery venture in the town of Tieton, Washington, the Drachen Foundation became very excited about the idea of putting together the first contemporary art kite exhibit to raise funds for the Highland Food Bank.

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