The program will search out qualified kiting organizations and companies to display their logos (with linking) on the Drachen Foundation home page.  This initiative supports DF’s mission to gather and disseminate kiting information worldwide.  And we’ll be honest, it is also a way for us to position the website operation to be self sustainable, so that we can keep doing what we do…. promoting kiting to the world, while supporting others who are doing similar work.  

Since the redesign of the Drachen website in late 2011, our reach has expanded substantially.  

Check out these statistics for 2012:

Annual Visitors: 60k
Annual Pageviews: 175k
New Visitors: 80%

How the program works

Sign up by contacting  Provide your logo and website URL and we will place you on the Drachen Foundation home page in a “Friends in Kiting” section.  There is limited space, so don’t delay!


6 month contract: $150.00 (pre-paid)

12 month contract: $180.00 (pre-paid)

What you will receive:

  • World wide exposure and connect to new and different markets
  • Messaging via the DF website which has followers in education, civic and cultural organizations
  • The kite industry benefit of networking and promoting kites to the world
  • The satisfaction of supporting a great nonprofit!
  • Special yearly pricing, easy payment options and renewal promotions (1 month free!)
  • Monthly website stats