Director Emeritus

Bonnie Wright, of Clayton, California. A veteran kite expert, Bonnie specializes in analyzing and applying sewing techniques for producing complex parafoil kites. Collaborating with her husband, Ed, the duo created more than 400 parafoils in a ten-year period. A computer wizard as well, Bonnie serves as an adviser to the Drachen staff on creation and maintenance of its digital archive.

Keith Yoshida, of Seattle, Washington. A long time Board member of the Drachen Foundation, Keith brought extensive computer skills to the organization in its formative years. An administrator at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, Yoshida was also experienced in non-profit operations. He was introduced to kites through the Foundation.

Wayne Wilson, of Los Angeles, California. A director at Los Angeles’ Amateur Athletic Foundation, formed after the 1984 Olympics, Dr. Wayne brought extensive archival skills to the Drachen Foundation. He served on the Board and made significant contributions as our collection and archive grew. He was generous with his knowledge of archival organization as well as professional standards and procedures. An active outdoorsman, Wilson added kite flying and kite sports to his personal and professional life.


Board of Directors

Scott Skinner, of Monument, Colorado. Scott is board president of the Drachen Foundation. A former instructor pilot at the United States Air Force Academy, Scott has been designing, making, flying, collecting, and teaching about kites for almost three decades. He has written extensively on the sport and is an advocate for the educational power of kites. He is also a board menber of the Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, Massachusetts.

Martin Lester, of Cornwall, England. A successful kite businessman, Martin tours the world giving exhibitions and lectures on the sport of kiting. His whimsical sparless “soft” kites in anthropomorphic shapes draw smiles wherever they are flown. His kite experiences include being lifted in a Cody-kite man-lifting system which he helped construct.

Joe Hadzicki, of San Diego, California. Business entrepreneur and prolific inventor, Joe and his brothers developed a four-line stunt kite aptly called the Revolution, perhaps the most radical and innovative kite invented in recent history. The initial model was accepted into the permanent collection of the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. Joe continues to develop new products in many fields, the first carbon fiber skateboard being just one example.

Stuart Allen, of San Antonio, Texas. Allen is a photographer, sculptor and curator. As a kite maker, he specializes in tensioned, asymmetric cellular kites. He has curated wind and kite-related exhibits for a variety of institutions and has lectured widely on the connections between kite making and contemporary sculpture.

Dave Lang, of Seattle, Washington. Dave is a veteran aeronautics and space dynamics engineer, and the creator of the “Generalized Tethered Object Simulation System,” an analysis program used worldwide in the engineering of tethered systems. He brings a strong scientific viewpoint to the Foundation but maintains a creative outlet as a bluegrass musician.

Jose Sainz, of San Diego, California. Jose is renowned for his elaborate, beautiful kites with Aztec motifs, which reflect his Aztec heritage. An experienced workshop leader, he has taught kite making techniques throughout North America. He has been instrumental in the Foundation’s kite work in Mexico and Guatemala.

Board Advisors

Ali Fujino, of Seattle, Washington. Ali is the former administrator of the Foundation. A museum specialist since age nineteen when she began work at the Smithsonian Institution, she has long been fascinated with anything that can become airborne. Ali was invited to be a member of the prestigious Explorers Club of New York City, in recognition of her twenty-five years of cultural work in underdeveloped countries. She also co-authored the first book on stunt kites.

Paul Reynolds, of London, England. A lifelong kite aficionado, having developed kite products, art kites and serving as a philanthropic supporter of the traditional and contemporary movements of kiting.  His professional background is running a family office in London, advising families on business, finance, investment, governance and succession.  He is an advisor to the Drachen Board to help with the placement of the Foundation’s Kite Collection.