In 2011, after months of work, the new Drachen Foundation website was launched. The undertaking of this project took us back to a time when the organization began by reminding us of the many projects, books, workshops, exhibits, and kite stories we’ve been involved in. Likewise, the website aims to revisit these endeavors – in a new and exciting, easy-to-navigate format – and brings the Foundation back to its original mission: to disseminate kite information, worldwide.

Our history has allowed us to accumulate a large collection of kites, photographs, books, and kite ephemera and learn a tremendous amount about it. With today’s technology, we have digitized the majority of our collection and are now able to offer it online.  One of the original purposes of the Foundation was to collect, research and maintain a kite archive. We are excited to open that archive to the world kite community.

But the most exciting aspect of today’s technology is that it is interactive. We now have the ability to make the website a living, breathing, growing entity that gets stronger with more use. Worldwide users will be able to contribute pictures, articles, kite plans, or any of their favorite kite memories.

A large portion of our site will be dedicated to teachers, as they have become our largest audience. We hope to provide examples of kite curricula, workshop ideas, and inexpensive kite kits and materials. All are clearly explained and easily adaptable to any teacher’s classroom.

Finally, the key to our website’s success will be defined by your use and interaction. We need your feedback as you become familiar with and use the site and especially when you find obstacles to your searches. We are constantly reworking and redesigning features of the site, and are eager to improve.

We hope this site will allow you to find and use information you might not otherwise locate, to ask questions that can be answered by the Drachen Foundation staff or by the Foundation’s worldwide audience, and to enable you to build, write about, or teach about kites more successfully.

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Mission Statement

The Drachen Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation devoted to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about kites worldwide. We now fortify that mandate with the digitization of what we’ve experienced and collected. We are morphing into the world’s largest collaboration of kites online. Join us!