Kite aerial photography website

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Artist or Author: KAP Jasa
Creation Year: 2018
Summary: Hello everyone! ... We are two kite aerial photography enthusiasts from Ljubljana, Slovenia - taking photos from the air in a natural, organic and gluten-free style: with a kite. ... We would like to present you our brand new KAP Jasa website - at ... All our adventures, mishaps, discoveries, stories and beauty from the air in one place, with info on KAP equipment, kite types, rigs and cameras, plus tips on how to do KAP science, and some links. ... Every visit, critique, comment and suggestion is greatly appreciated. ... May the winds be with you!
Type: Website
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Geographic: Europe
Kite Type: Bowed, Box\Cellular, Flat, Inflated
Materials: Carbon, Fiberglass, Ripstop
Significance: Art, Cultural, Historical, Scientific
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River Unica flows through Planina karst field, Slovenia