• December 09 2010 by Ali


    The field of artists is gaining in interest. Mark Rice submitted the print below to our moku hanga contest, which prompted me to email him and ask him the following questions. Ali Fujino: How did you find out about the exhibition? Mark Rice: I was told about it by a RISD faculty member. I had just had an exhibition of my own about kites and they sent me a link to your exhibition. Here is a ink to my kite show:
  • December 09 2010 by Shelly


    In celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the first issue of the Piney Mountain Air Force Data-Letter (hereafter referred to as Data-Letter), we're providing you, our faithful readers, with on-line access to the full set of issues.
  • November 05 2010 by Scott


    I wasn't going to blog before going out the door to Guatemala, because I know that plenty will be written about the AKA Convention in Seaside, Oregon. Even thought the Drachen Foundation had a significant presence at the event - a workshop by Jose Sainz and Scott Skinner, great new kites by board member Martin Lester, and the debut of Gloria Stuart's Butterfly Kite Book - the Convention is about personal connections and that's what leads me to "the blog".
  • November 05 2010 by Ali


    The word is out in Japan. Hanga Kites will be featured at the 3rd Annual Kyoto International Washi Association (KIWA) Exhibition March 29-April 3, 2011 ( as well as at the 1st International Mokuhanga Conference ( to be held June 7-13, 2011! Join in the fun... Create a design, cut it out on a woodblock and print it! One or more colors! Your print should not exceed more than 13 x 25 inches in finished size. If you like, spar the kite for flying, but if you do not want to spar it, send the print to us and we will create the kite.
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  • November 05 2010 by Shelly


    It's amazing how something that seems so simple can actually be fairly complicated & meticulous in its construction, and something so small can bring an incredible amount of joy. This is the origami kite world of Mr. Yukio Akiyama, a talented kite designer, kitemaker and author from Japan. This October he travelled to the U.S. to attend his first AKA Convention in Seaside, Oregon, and to teach an origami kitemaking workshop. Yukio Akiyama and his tulip kite
  • October 07 2010 by Ali


    "Haiku I Never Sent My Lovers" Excerpted From Gloria Stuart's masterwork "Flight of the Butterfly" Dangle kites with me, Perhaps the butterfly kind, And I will kiss you! My butterfly kite Will fly high and far away -- You may come along. My soft wings await My true love's nakedness In a sweet surround.
  • October 07 2010 by Shelly


    A new exhibition, "Birds, Birds, Birds" has just been installed at The World Kite Museum in Long Beach, Washington. It is an exhibit of "Western" bird kites, and is quite timely. Fall bird migration is at its peak on north-south flyways across the globe, and Washington State is a major thoroughfare for birds migrating south from the Arctic. Hearing about this exhibition spurred a look at all the kites in DF's Collection tagged with the keyword, "bird."
  • September 08 2010 by Scott


    Driving on to the Black Rock Desert, plumes of dust greeted us from a distance. Little did we know that we would soon be in a full-fledged dust-storm; visibility zero, fine dust everywhere, and all movement stopped. The Department of Tethered Aviation (DOTA) camp was centrally located, so finding our campsite was relatively easy (especially for Blake Pelton and I, we just followed the car in front of us), but many of our camp-mates were stopped at the gate because of the white-out conditions.
  • September 08 2010 by Shelly


    Who is the Nantucket Kiteman? This is the question I was asking myself after photographing and cataloging a beautiful sewn cloth 8-pointed star stamped with this moniker. The answer: Al Hartig. Image of front of star kite 2010-08-K-01744. (click image for larger version)
  • August 11 2010 by Ali


    Come to one of the world's most loved kite festivals in Long Beach, Washington and join 100 Revolution sport kite fliers of all ages and skill levels, flying together on the beaches. This is another REV MEGA FLY and will feature the likes of team iQuad, the Decorators from England, as well as a host of international and domestic Rev stars. Find them on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! There will be free Rev lessons on the beach. Watch for the iQuad team members.
  • August 11 2010 by Scott


    The Drachen Foundation prides itself on the idea that kites are a powerful teaching tool and our number one job is to take that tool to places it's never been.
  • August 11 2010 by Shelly


    Many Chinese kites come in a box that is just the right size. In the DF collection there are many such boxes, and you never know what you will find inside. Centipede kite box (click image for larger version) This week, I opened a pretty green and blue fabric-covered box to find a kite whose character totally captured me. Inside was a Chinese centipede kite.
  • July 02 2010 by Scott


    I've started in a new direction, artistically, and it is directly related to the Foundation's archive and collection. I was inspired many years ago by the kites made by Stormy Weathers. His victory star and similar designs were almost always the first kites up and last ones down, regardless of wind. But he made all the classic designs and I have always been enamored by his barndoor kite.
  • July 02 2010 by Shelly


    Sometimes it's easy to take for granted the development of things we see or work with often. Logos are like that. They are widely recognizable symbols of an organization or company and when they are well designed, they are lasting and they become an integrated part of our lives. The American Kitefliers Association (AKA) logo is one of them.
  • June 03 2010 by Scott


    I've been lucky enough to visit Japan more than a dozen times since my first trip in 1989, but it's been over twenty years since I experienced the organized chaos of Hamamatsu. On that first trip, with Dorothea Checkley, we attended five festivals in 7 days: Sagara, Fujisaki, Hirosaki, and Hamamatsu, along with the JKA annual festival. I still have vivid memories of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Hamamatsu and was excited by the prospect of attending the festival again this year.