• August 27 2012 by Erin


      Jørgen centre right holding his Stairway to Heaven kite on Fano beach. 1986 I was greatly impressed by his beautifully made kites and unique use of graphics. Jørgen Møller Hansen was a wonderful travelling companion and throughout the tour he kept us all amused with his jokes and stories.  
  • August 13 2012 by Erin


    The Drachen Foundation search function is better than ever! We've upgraded the filters, enhanced the listings and made it easier than ever for you to find exactly what you're looking for. Give it a try and let us know if it works for you. You can use the search bar in the upper right corner of any page, or click on 'collections' and use the search bar that appears under the page header. Happy searching!  
  • August 06 2012 by Erin


       The true hero is Scott Skinner, who took the time and money to fly in for a one afternoon appearance to make Kathy Goodwind a very happy person. We grilled good brats on site, and had a rousing 50 people of all walks of life attend the closing of Kathy’s store and the fact that Drachen has a new location! (The most visual guest was a man who was dressed to the 9s as a Pirate…the only thing missing was his parrot.) Can we throw a party or what?
  • July 19 2012 by Erin


    Longtime New Zealand kiteflier and power kiter, Charlie Watson succumbed to cancer this month. Fighting to the end, Charlie had started a facebook group, Power Kiters with Cancer, where, as he said, fighters could “brag, and moan and stuff. No commercial side or hidden agenda.”  A kite flier for over 45 years, Charlie was the son of another noted Kiwi kiteflier, Logan Fow. Charlie worked to preserve the kites collected by his father, throughout Southeast Asia over forty years ago.
  • July 16 2012 by Erin


      Perhaps it is a bit “odd” to have so many individuals write about one kitemaker.  But that is the point, it is one SPECIAL kitemaker, and I am sure there are hundreds more who would and are waiting to step up to their computers to write something about this phenomenal man, Jørgen Møller Hansen. These are just three of the tributes to Jorgen and I encourage you to read them all. RIP (rest in peace), our friendly Fanø Dane.  Ali Fujino Executive Director Drachen Foundation  
  • May 17 2012 by Erin


      “I don’t like to fly on windy days like today. It’s not good. I’m not going to come out to the beach anymore, this is not good to fly in. Too strong. Wind is too strong...look at my owls. They flying everywhere...too much wind.” That was my introduction to a legend in life, Tyrus Wong. Many of you may never heard of him, but for the few of us that are members of the “mature” kite club, Tyrus Wong is an icon of the skies.
  • May 17 2012 by Erin


    This is a festival that grew from about 40 invited flyers in its first year to over 140 flyers in its second.  The local organization in Uiseong did a fine job when it came to transportation, lodging, food, and field organization in this city known for its garlic and apples. Many countries were represented with large contingents from China, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Flyers from as far away as South Africa, Australia, France, and the US brought special creations to fly in what were expected to be strong, cold winds.
  • May 08 2012 by Erin


    “Talkin’ Bout his Generation….” -The Who In the nonprofit world, there are times when we work with the community to bring insight into what we do. Such was the case when I received a call from Nathan Hale sophomore, Lupe Carlos. His assignment at his school was to “shadow” someone who works in a nonprofit. He called me, having met me though his mother, he remembered me as the kite lady.   After his call, I decided it would be fun to have an intern for three days. Lupe showed up at the office to “shadow” me. Delightfully, our small staff at Drachen found it was more like, “keeping up with Lupe.” He was one of the most mature, focused workers that we had ever experienced for his age. He listened, and when confused, asked questions. He took all his tasks seriously and found his way to being the photographer and documentarian of our artifacts as we prepared them to go up online to our website.
  • April 18 2012 by Erin


    A Non-Profit group working in Haiti, Haiti Child Sponsorship, purchased supplies from Drachen Foundation at a discounted rate to provide to children living in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. The supplies (bamboo spars and winders) were supplied to the children along with colorful plastic bags. Kites are very popular among Haitian children, and they are often made with whatever materials can be scavanged or found laying about. The Creole word for kite is 'kap', which also means 'to lift up' and is a symbol of hope in Haiti.
  • March 21 2012 by Erin


    Scott Skinner has one of the most unique collections of Japanese prints in the world because of his focus on collecting prints with kite images. This collection, however, does not have a corner on uniqueness, as we know of a Seattle collector of Japanese prints who collects only prints with images of cameras.. The point is, when collecting, one should have a focus, trying not to stray too far from the subject matter, so that you build a strong base for the collection.
  • March 07 2012 by Erin


    Via Facebook message, The Drachen Foundation received news that the World Kitebuggy Speed Records was broken on Tuesday, March 6th. Here's the report from the Peter Lynn website:
  • February 01 2012 by Erin


    From left to right: Sharon Musto, Deb Linzen and JoAnne Weber. The Drachen Foundation recieved this sad news via one of our Board Members, Jose Sainz, yesterday afternoon. Brad Klages, a close frend of JoAnn's, reflects on her contributions to the kite world and the void that her passing leaves in the kiting community: 
  • January 09 2012 by Erin


    The American Kite Fliers Association (AKA) and the Kite Trade Association International (KTAI) are sponsoring a special promotion during National Kite Month (NKM) – March 31 through May 6, 2012.
  • January 02 2012 by Erin


    Bruce Flora has been in the forefront of kite entertainment for decades. He celebrates his skills and excitement with a wonderful choreography of night flying.
  • January 02 2012 by Erin


    Since the invention of the Rev kite, we had thought it has all been done…four line flying, upside down, sideways, stopping on a dime and stalling? How can you best those moves? Watch the father of the Rev prove how much more can be done…