Celebrating 20 Years of Flight at Drachen Day at the AKA Convention


Jose with Kite

Seattle’s Drachen Foundation will host a “day on the field” at this year’s American Kitefliers Association Convention in Seaside, Oregon.  The original brainchild of Drachen Board member, Jose Sainz, it will be a day to fly your most special kites, engage in spontaneous contests, earn special prizes, and promote the many joys of kite flying.

Originally, Jose thought this might be a way for kitefliers and kitemakers to get together, without pressure, and simply “show off”; flying their newest kites, brushing the dust off their oldest kites, resurrecting failures, and celebrating successes.  Without detracting from organized Convention field activities, this will be a chance to gather, fly kites that might have been stowed away for years, and generally, fly old favorites just for the pure fun of it!  Of course, we might even award prizes for special kites that participate in Convention Mass Ascensions and other field activities.

Inspired by Jose’s original vision, the rest of the Foundation’s Board felt that this would be a great opportunity to promote the Foundation’s evolution into a worldwide online resource while also being a chance to “finish with a bang” at an AKA Convention held close to our facilities.  Drachen personnel will be on hand to hold giveaways, conduct flying challenges, and encourage creative contests.  Participants will be encouraged to bring older, prize-winning kites, “antique” sport kites, and any kite that might not have been appreciated by today’s younger crowd (or the older crowd for that matter).

In the manner of street dancers, kitefliers might “throw down” and fly their kite for the crowd’s amusement.  Others could follow suit with kites or performances of their own with audience enjoyment as the primary goal.  Drachen Foundation judges (available for bribes, always!) will award pins, books, or Drachen-wear for special performances.  Jose and I have both thought that this might be a time to get rid of some old kites, so expect some kite giveaways as well.

We intend this to be a completely fun event for all participants of the Convention.  We will be on a field close to organized activities but one which will not detract from the competitions and activities on those fields.  Ours will be an open-fly field where anyone may safely launch and fly their tethered creations.  Drachen field activities will be spread by word-of-mouth, social media, and official AKA field announcements (if we can drag the microphone away from David or Phil).  Additionally, we will invite all participants to post live updates on the Drachen Foundation Facebook page as the day progresses.  Drop by, fly a kite, and join the fun as the Drachen Foundation celebrates its first 20 years!