Kite Puppets

MÃ¥rten Bondestam
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Why look up in the sky at a fixed small black dot? Kitefliers have a strong will to have their own kite in the sky. But when there is an audience, then the situation is different. People are enthusiastic when I perform shows for them. They thank me for being “the only one” thinking about them.

I am 81 and would like some kitefliers to continue the development. So here are the facts so far. I started around 1982 with the “Skypet Show,” but I did not continue it. The steerable deltas had different characters and moved differently.

1. The Circus

In the Hangö Town Theater Festival I had the Circus. There was the circus director, who put his head into the mouth of the lion, the two crazy clowns, the seal playing with a ball, the circus horses, the big snake and the beautiful woman, and the acrobats. There was the typical circus music (via loudspeaker and tape recorder), and there was the illusion of an arena and a tent, the magical box and the background drapery hiding all not acting at the moment.

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